Party Guides During Melbourne’s Spring Carnival

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is one of the most anticipated events in Australia every year. This celebration and event brings together the very best of all Australia and International thoroughbreds for 50 days filled with world-class horse racing action and excitement. The whole event has a carnival like atmosphere that brings the city of Melbourne and nearby areas life during spring time.

This year’s major racing carnival includes a four-day Melbourne Cup Carnival, usually hosted in Flemington in early November. Flemington is known to be the home of the Melbourne Cup Day which highlights a 3-day Caulfield Cup carnival hosted in Caulfield in October and has always been an exciting event for horse racing fans.

With all the happenings going on, it would be fun to participate in the events and the happenings during this 50-day event. Another thing to look forward to during this time of the year in Australia is the party that comes with the carnival and celebrations. Instead of going to after-parties during this busy time of the year, why not have the party celebrated right at the comfort of your homes.

Here are ideas you could try for your own version of a Melbourne Spring Carnival Party.

Have your television set-up at a large area in your home or in your backyard

You can still enjoy the race and the fun outdoors without having to endure the heat, long lines and traffic in Melbourne by just watching the events on your television screen. If you plan to have guests in the house, setting up your television in your living area or your backyard would make you feel like being actually present at the game. Having friends around allows you to bet or simply enjoy watching the races featured in the events.

Set-up barbeque for your Melbourne Spring Carnival party

Barbeque and chips are easy to do and cheap food items you could consider for your Melbourne Spring Carnival party at home. You can also grill burgers, steaks and hamburgers too. You can ask friends to go potluck as well if you would want to have plenty of food for the party. Take note of who will bring the drinks as well.

Decorate Carnival Style

To being the spring carnival atmosphere right inside your homes, having carnival inspired decorations is a must. You can have it DIY or purchase a few cheap ribbons and bonbons to decorate your place. It would be fun to encourage your guests to arrive in costume. Since the festival is all about races and horses, you can ask them to come in their racing attire or dress-up like a cowboy. Best in costumes gets to eat the most burgers and barbeque in the party.

Country music

Tame down and simply enjoy fun conversation with friends after watching the exciting races in the TV or after enjoying the sumptuous foods with country music as your background. This would definitely offer a chance for your family and friends to enjoy the spring carnival at the comfort of your homes.

Belgium – Festivals and Carnivals Not to Miss!

Everyone loves festivals and carnivals as they are colourful and you get to experience the culture in a true sense. Talking of Belgian festivals – there are varied carnivals and festivals in Belgium which will surely grab your attention. There is a festival for every interest and liking in Belgium.

Belgium is culturally rich and the carnivals are a hard to miss affair. Here is a list of the NOT TO MISS Festivals and Carnivals in Belgium.

The CHOCO-LATE affair

The famous Choco-Late festival is held in May where you can’t see anything but chocolate and chocolate lovers. This festival stresses on the Belgian chocolate which is dark and soft. You will find the chocolate in every fashion and form at the Choco-Late festival which is held in the ancient Belfort Museum every year. The chocolate artists make sculptures with pure Belgian chocolates. Also you get to sample the variety of chocolates which are available here and there is sale of chocolates too!

There is a section which is especially for kids known as the Chocolate Painting Gallery where kids can paint and draw with chocolate. Fun, isn’t it? The tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for kids. And in case your kid is under 6 – then it is free!

Head banging and electronic guitars

If you here in Belgium in the month of April, then you cannot afford to miss the annual music festival Groezrock which takes place in Meerhout. The festival started with a small pop and rock affair with few people attending it. Today, it is one of the most happening festivals in the world. Today, people fight to get a ticket! The crowd exceeds till 30000 and more.

The festival has two stages and goes on for two days. This festival has gathered a lot of admiration around the world. And if you are a true rock music lover – then this is your festival!

The affordable and funky fair

Ever been to a very unique festival where there is everything at a very good price with a funky atmosphere to keep you busy. Affordable Art Fair sports 90 galleries which have very trendy art works which you cannot help but buy them immediately.

This festival takes place in the month of February. You will find some great art works here which will surely grab your attention. The good thing is that as it name says – it is highly affordable. Anybody can walk in this fair at an affordable price too! Affordable Art Fair takes place every year in Tour & Taxis, avenue du Port.

Colourful and groovy!

Carnivals are incomplete without colourful costumes and groovy music playing! The Carnival of Binche is the most happening event one could ever come across. It takes place every year during Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. It is the biggest carnival in Belgium and events start seven weeks before the actual celebration. The carnival displays street performance, public displays, traditional clothing, dance performances and marching.

The highlights of the show are the clowns performing who are known as Gilles. They wear vibrant clothes and soft footwear which makes them look unique and great! These Gilles dance on the beat of the drums and carry sticks to ward away the evil spirits. If you are here in Belgium – you just cannot miss this carnival. This festival takes place prior Ash Wednesday.

Carnivals and Festivals in Belgium are all about colours, fun and rejuvenation. Pay a visit and experience the true spirit of Belgium through the fantastic carnivals and festivals.

If Your School Doesn’t Have An Annual Carnival, Here Are 9 Reasons Why It Should

1. School Carnivals Are Incredibly Popular With Students and Parents Alike

Quick, which would you rather do- go to the school carnival or visit to the dentist? See? No contest. OK, maybe that’s not a fair fight, carnival vs. dentist, but the fact is, a school carnival is one of the absolute highlights of the year for any school that has one. It has all the best rolled up into one great package: people having fun, the school making money, and if it’s a really good carnival, there’s always food of some variety on a stick.

2. Carnivals require lots of people as volunteers, but the work is fun and not stressful.

Even though carnivals require a number of people willing to take charge of a wide range of responsibilities, the vast majority of jobs involve having fun and interacting with people. Whether it’s baking items to sell, running games, passing out prizes, decorating the carnival space, face painting, or even selling tickets, the atmosphere of a school carnival is light and enjoyable. These are exactly the kinds of jobs to break new volunteers in on. Once a person has mastered the art of the school carnival, he or she may be ready to take on more challenging volunteer duties within your fundraising team.

3. Carnival Expenses are Low

Since carnivals are held in the school building itself, there won’t be any facility rental fees the school will have to pay, which can often be one of the most expensive items in the budget. Also, food can be donated, and games can be used year after year. Many decorations can also be used more than one year. Of course, there will be a desire to add some new things each year, but the core of the activity can be relatively inexpensive to operate year in and year out.

4. Carnival Income is High

While expenses are kept low, the opportunities to generate revenue are high. Of course, you have the admission tickets, but there can also be charges for food, entertainment, games, and contests. All of these can be purchased with tickets or tokens, so that cash doesn’t have to be handled and potentially lost. Also, revenue can be made from renting out booths to local non-profits, so they can market themselves to the carnival attendees.

5. School Carnivals Become Instant Traditions and Reliable Income

In fundraising, you are always looking for something that will be a guaranteed success, year after year. It’s important to be able to count on a certain range of income. Therefore it is wise to develop activities that will become traditionally expected by your community. Carnivals are so popular, they become one of these traditions almost instantly. Imagine holding your first carnival one year, and then canceling it the next. That doesn’t seem very likely.

6. People are Familiar with the Concept of a School Carnival, so They Come Ready to Have a Good Time.

Even if your school hasn’t ever held a carnival before, most people have been to at least one sometime in their lives. Therefore, you’re not going to have to do a lot of explaining or convincing to get folks involved. This is one of the reasons why you could expect a very respectable turnout your very first year doing it. People are hesitant to try things that are unfamiliar to them. The good news is that most everybody not only knows what a school carnival is, but they also have good memories of it.

7. Carnivals Allow for Teachers and the Principal to Relax

Once you swing open the doors on the school carnival, a whole new feeling spreads over the school. Gone are the worries about tests and having a hallway passes. The joyous, euphoric, and electric atmosphere allows everyone, including teachers and the administrative staff to relax and enjoy the festivities. Having worked as a school principal, I always felt is was important to take every opportunity to have fun with the parents of my students, as well as my staff of teachers. It improved all our relationships and increased our ability to work together.

8. Carnivals Build Camaraderie with Both Kids and Adults.

Carnivals also have the ability to help parents get to know one another. I think that when parents of students get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, friendships can be made. This is not only beneficial to them, but also to the school in that it seems to increase the number of volunteers we get for school activities. Even if you have a busy schedule, if your best friend is working the school carnival, you might also be inclined to do so, because it becomes a social opportunity.

9. Since So Many Schools Do Annual Carnivals, There is Abundant Information Available Regarding Carnival Themes, Games, Contests, Entertainment, Revenue Producers, etc.

With the exponential growth of the Internet, it is simple to find out extensive information on almost any subject- school carnivals, especially. A simple Google search will yield a wealth of knowledge. Also, it is wise to talk with families who are new to your district. Perhaps they have suggestions from their old school that worked. Trust me, if you put the word out there that you’re thinking of launching a school carnival, you’ll have people banging down your door with ideas.


Fundraising for any kind of a group is hard work. Often, the results are uncertain, but I can’t remember a time when I ever was ambivalent about how much money we were going to make. There’s always been an urgency to make as much as possible with every event or sale. With a carnival, you have just about the closest thing to a sure bet that you can find in this world of fundraising. As I mentioned in the introduction, a carnival mixes the best of everything, and everyone has a good time. In my estimation, that makes the idea of having a school carnival a real no-brainer.