Creating Site Traffic Through Blog Carnivals

In starting your online marketing campaign, the first thing to do is to establish your presence in the internet realm by creating your own website that represents your business. It is where you include the basic information of your company as well as your business so people can easily know about you by simply browsing your website.

The next thing do is to acquire high volume of traffic to easily optimize your site on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Bing. With high ranking, your website gains popularity and better visibility, making it easier for you to attract more site visitors.

There are different ways to generate site traffic such as article marketing, video marketing, paid advertisement and others. But one method is making its way to help you in your online marketing and that is through making blogs.

Blog carnival is a series of blogs revolving on a particular theme where you can submit your articles to a carnival or carnivals that are related to what you have written.

Basically, here is how a blog carnival works:

  • From the active bloggers registered in the blog carnival, one is chosen to be a host of a particular topic. There will be a different host for each routine.
  • When the topic is identified and told to participating bloggers, they will create blog posts related to the chosen concept and publish them on their own blogs.
  • The host will then gather the URLS of the published articles posted on different blogs and creates an entry with an introduction of the topic and the list of links leading to the chosen blog posts.
  • It is then published online or commonly called as e-zine which is released weekly or monthly.
  • What is great about blog carnival is that you can join the routine for free by simply signing up. This can also help you in building a good reputation of being an expert in the nature of your business by discussing your niche on your posts.

More traffic is attainable once your blog followers increased through blog carnival. Aside from getting back links from the blog carnival and other participating blogs, you also have the chance of hosting a blog carnival soon where you can include your blog for better exposure.

To effectively use a blog carnival, make sure that you have the highest quality of posts so the host is most likely to include your URL in the e-zine. It is best to submit your articles early to have a better chance of getting featured in the publication.

To maintain the good reputation, avoid spamming and follow the rules of the blog carnival to avoid being suspended and even terminated. And lastly, make sure that the articles submitted must be original.