Increase Blog Traffic with Carnivals

There are many ways to drive traffic to a blog and blog carnivals are one of them. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a blog carnival. I’m not sure why it’s called a carnival but roughly each week a blog owner will host the carnival and other blog owners submit posts from their blogs for consideration. There is a deadline for submissions which is usually a day or two before the blog carnival.

After the deadline passes, the blog carnival host will read all the submission and choose the best posts. Then he or she will make a post on his or her blog with links to those posts. Each blog carnival host is different some may select the top ten and provide a reason for their selections. Others will just post links to the top articles in his or her opinion.

Lots of bloggers follow the blog carnivals around the blogosphere from week to week so they generate traffic and blog carnival visitors will have the opportunity to visit your blog by clicking on the link to your post in the blog carnival. Blog carnivals are generally topical so you’ll need to find a blog carnival on a topic related to your blog but that should not be difficult. And if you’d like, some blog carnivals will allow you to host the blog carnival on your own blog.

A good idea for finding blog carnivals is to simply perform a search on the term “blog carnival” in Google or Yahoo. There’s is also a popular site called which lists hundreds of blog carnivals on many topics. You’ll probably find one suited to your blog. Submitting the post for consideration only takes a minute or two. All you do is paste the permalink to a recent post in your blog into a form and add your name and email address. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to take it a step further, you can do a more specific search. For example search for “success blog carnivals” if you blog is about success. You might find a few new blogs to add to your reading list in addition to finding a blog carnival that will drive traffic to your blog. There’s no time like the present to get started. It only takes a moment to find a blog carnival and submit a post for the upcoming carnival. You may be surprised at how easy it is…and by how much traffic you get.

Creating Site Traffic Through Blog Carnivals

In starting your online marketing campaign, the first thing to do is to establish your presence in the internet realm by creating your own website that represents your business. It is where you include the basic information of your company as well as your business so people can easily know about you by simply browsing your website.

The next thing do is to acquire high volume of traffic to easily optimize your site on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Bing. With high ranking, your website gains popularity and better visibility, making it easier for you to attract more site visitors.

There are different ways to generate site traffic such as article marketing, video marketing, paid advertisement and others. But one method is making its way to help you in your online marketing and that is through making blogs.

Blog carnival is a series of blogs revolving on a particular theme where you can submit your articles to a carnival or carnivals that are related to what you have written.

Basically, here is how a blog carnival works:

  • From the active bloggers registered in the blog carnival, one is chosen to be a host of a particular topic. There will be a different host for each routine.
  • When the topic is identified and told to participating bloggers, they will create blog posts related to the chosen concept and publish them on their own blogs.
  • The host will then gather the URLS of the published articles posted on different blogs and creates an entry with an introduction of the topic and the list of links leading to the chosen blog posts.
  • It is then published online or commonly called as e-zine which is released weekly or monthly.
  • What is great about blog carnival is that you can join the routine for free by simply signing up. This can also help you in building a good reputation of being an expert in the nature of your business by discussing your niche on your posts.

More traffic is attainable once your blog followers increased through blog carnival. Aside from getting back links from the blog carnival and other participating blogs, you also have the chance of hosting a blog carnival soon where you can include your blog for better exposure.

To effectively use a blog carnival, make sure that you have the highest quality of posts so the host is most likely to include your URL in the e-zine. It is best to submit your articles early to have a better chance of getting featured in the publication.

To maintain the good reputation, avoid spamming and follow the rules of the blog carnival to avoid being suspended and even terminated. And lastly, make sure that the articles submitted must be original.

Blog Carnivals Are a Great Way to Promote Your Business

Believe it or not, blog carnivals are a great way to promote your business and a great way to get your blog noticed on the web. If you are invited to participate in a blog carnival, you should take it seriously and participate.

A blog carnival is an event hosted by an individual blog owner. The owner determines the theme of the carnival and sets out to find participants who have a good post on their blogs that’s related as much as possible to the theme. The links to the participant posts are added into a single post on the host’s blog. Blog carnivals can be an excellent way to find numerous blogs on a single theme centralized in one place. This creates a hotbed of potential visitors to your blog.

Most blog carnivals will present the related posts one-by-one in a list type format, but some bloggers get creative. An exceptional blog carnival will not only contain the links to a large number of blogs, but will integrate creativity into the presentation as well. This can be something like weaving all the links into a storyline about the theme itself.

Some blog carnivals are a one-time, one-host event, but other carnivals move from one participant’s blog to the next. This will go on until all of the participants have hosted, which can keep the carnival going for weeks on end. If you have the chance of joining in on a blog carnival, do so because it’s a fabulous vehicle to promote your business.

Not only will the participants in the blog carnival be checking out the links, but many of the blog visitors will do so as well. A successful blog carnival can easily generate tons of links to your blog and hundreds of visits, thus providing hundreds of opportunities to promote your business.

You can search for blog carnivals through any search engine. Look for directories of blog carnivals, as they will provide you with enough links to keep you busy for a long time. Join in on a few of them and see what they can do to promote your business.