Party Guides During Melbourne’s Spring Carnival

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is one of the most anticipated events in Australia every year. This celebration and event brings together the very best of all Australia and International thoroughbreds for 50 days filled with world-class horse racing action and excitement. The whole event has a carnival like atmosphere that brings the city of Melbourne and nearby areas life during spring time.

This year’s major racing carnival includes a four-day Melbourne Cup Carnival, usually hosted in Flemington in early November. Flemington is known to be the home of the Melbourne Cup Day which highlights a 3-day Caulfield Cup carnival hosted in Caulfield in October and has always been an exciting event for horse racing fans.

With all the happenings going on, it would be fun to participate in the events and the happenings during this 50-day event. Another thing to look forward to during this time of the year in Australia is the party that comes with the carnival and celebrations. Instead of going to after-parties during this busy time of the year, why not have the party celebrated right at the comfort of your homes.

Here are ideas you could try for your own version of a Melbourne Spring Carnival Party.

Have your television set-up at a large area in your home or in your backyard

You can still enjoy the race and the fun outdoors without having to endure the heat, long lines and traffic in Melbourne by just watching the events on your television screen. If you plan to have guests in the house, setting up your television in your living area or your backyard would make you feel like being actually present at the game. Having friends around allows you to bet or simply enjoy watching the races featured in the events.

Set-up barbeque for your Melbourne Spring Carnival party

Barbeque and chips are easy to do and cheap food items you could consider for your Melbourne Spring Carnival party at home. You can also grill burgers, steaks and hamburgers too. You can ask friends to go potluck as well if you would want to have plenty of food for the party. Take note of who will bring the drinks as well.

Decorate Carnival Style

To being the spring carnival atmosphere right inside your homes, having carnival inspired decorations is a must. You can have it DIY or purchase a few cheap ribbons and bonbons to decorate your place. It would be fun to encourage your guests to arrive in costume. Since the festival is all about races and horses, you can ask them to come in their racing attire or dress-up like a cowboy. Best in costumes gets to eat the most burgers and barbeque in the party.

Country music

Tame down and simply enjoy fun conversation with friends after watching the exciting races in the TV or after enjoying the sumptuous foods with country music as your background. This would definitely offer a chance for your family and friends to enjoy the spring carnival at the comfort of your homes.

Publicity Ideas For Your School Carnival – How to Get More Families and Community Members to Come

Imagine spending all your energy planning your carnival and delegating tasks to get every activity flowing smoothly only to deal with empty booths and unsold merchandise. That’s a horrible scenario that you won’t have to deal with if you follow these next tips…

How to Create Publicity for Your School Carnival – Three Tips

1. Promotional materials

You’ve seen how the big businesses create beautiful flyers that ultimately end up in someone’s trash bin? Here’s a good way to make sure yours don’t turn into someone else’s trash: turn your flyer into an invitation that will contain a random number for a door prize drawing or a coupon for a free lemonade. The best part of this strategy is you can create the materials yourself as long as you have a printer at home that’s loaded with colored ink. Get a few carnival graphics from royalty free photo sources for 1 dollar each and use them on your promo materials.

You can strike up a partnership with your local ice cream stand, and they can give away your promo brochures to parents and kids who buy from them. In exchange you can promote them or mention their business in one of the shows in the carnival. How about having a coupon for this business on your flyer in addition to your promo coupon as mentioned above? Remember, a little cross promotion goes a long way; particularly if you can get a popular family hotspot to promote you a few weeks before your carnival.

2. Get interviewed by your local press or join a radio show

Media hype will send you tons of prospects. If you have a local paper, you can approach the editor and arrange to be interviewed. Plan ahead and prepare an advertising budget for this. Investigate the cost and potential return on investment so you can get the other members of your parent teacher organization to agree.

3. Social Networking Online

With everyone and their moms joining Facebook and Twitter, you simply cannot ignore these places. Create a group on Facebook and invite your friends to join or be a fan. You can also create a separate account for your carnival and post photos of your previous events to encourage families to attend. Choose the photos that show families and kids enjoying the rides, the games and the other attractions in your carnival.

These techniques will create anticipation in your prospective visitors. With any luck, once you get the ball rolling with these tips, you can stop spending on promotion and simply rely on word of mouth to create excitement. A final reminder: with any marketing tool or tactic, you must never forget to put in the date and place of your carnival so your invites will not go to waste.  

Carnival Ride Accident Report – This Will Throw You For a Loop

I went through a couple of web sites and researched data that was on the Internet regarding ride accidents. I was curious as to the amount of ride accidents and the severity of them. I have been a carnival game operator for 19 years and I hardly see or here of any accidents.

My research was based on the year 2007 only. I looked in only two major web sites and they showed several accidents. These two sites were somewhat duplicates and the one site,, had all the accidents on rides that the other did for my area of research. I did leave out all accidents that occurred everywhere except the continental United States. That means I excluded all other countries plus Alaska and Hawaii. The reason for that was that I have never traveled with the carnivals any where but the continental United States and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico did not have any accidents listed on these web sites.

I found 33 separate accidents listed. 17 happened on carnival lots and 16 happened at other venues such as amusement park, zoo, indoor playground, and other permanent stationary facilities. I feel that there were many more accidents that were not reported but do not know. Some accidents are so minor and if the person does not go to the authorities it will go unreported. When you factor in how many times people get on rides, 33 seems like an extremely small amount of accidents.

Of the 33 accidents 81 people were either injured or died. Carnivals had 35 people involved in their accidents while the amusement park type facilities had 46 people involved in their accidents. When I see the number of people injured I think that number is closer to being correct. In traveling with the shows it is such a rare occasion to hear of someone getting hurt or killed. It is so rare that news spreads, through our carnies grapevine, across the whole country.

Of the 81 people involved 74 were injured while 7 were killed. Carnivals had 33 people injured while the other places with amusement rides had 41 injured. It was reported that two carnival workers were also injured, one was in his second week of work. Of the seven deaths two were on carnival owned rides while the other five were killed while riding at amusement park or other related places. One person injured, on a carnival, had both of her feet cut off just above the ankles. The ride was owned by an individual and not the carnival, but was booked with the show for the event where the accident took place.

This study was for only one year, 2007, but did show a some statistics that stood out. One stat was that carnivals had more reported mishaps by a margin of 17 to 16 over amusement park and other fun stationary places. That should have parlayed into more people hurt but did not.

Amusement parks had 11 more people hurt and 3 more people killed than did the carnivals. Even though the amusement parks had less accidents the outcome of their accidents were way more severe. I wondered why and came up with some exclamation that I believe are of great relevance.

Because permanent facilities are stationary they generally have larger and faster rides for the patrons to get on. The carnivals have to travel to make their money and generally do not have huge rides. Some rides traveling with carnivals, are huge and do take four and five semi trailers to haul them, but even they are not as big as the larger rides you will see in an amusement park. This extra speed an size could possibly account for a higher injury rate per accident.

It is hard to determine which takes more riders for a year, carnivals or stationary ride places. I would think that carnivals take more passengers every year because they are open for longer periods and there are many more carnivals that permanent locations. Some carnivals are open for business somewhere every week of the year. Amusement park types are generally seasonal. Pretty easy to figure out that carnivals get a way larger opportunity to take on passengers.

Because an amusement park is only seasonal so is their help on many occasions. Because carnivals travel year round, in many cases, the help is just way more experienced. I know several guys that feature rides and they really do know their stuff. On a major ride there will often be three guys that know how to completely and safely erect that major ride. There are people that have changed over from rides to other areas that can set up a multitude of rides. In amusement park setting you are not probably as apt to find a person working the corn dog stand that knows when a ride is going bad by hearing a noise it is making. You are apt, not only to find an employee in an alternate position, to find one that knows what exactly is going wrong by the sound the ride is making on a carnival lot.

I do not ever work for stationary amusement companies and do not know what their policies are. I do know that several carnivals have something, in reference to safety, on all their ride help uniforms. It becomes sort of a subliminal message. I remember on Wade Shows continually picking on ride help about their Safety First that was printed on their shirts backs. If I seen them so much as drop a hot dog I would repeat the saying, safety first. No matter how it worked, it is a steady reminder to the ride help. And the bottom line is there should not be any accidents.