Publicity Ideas For Your School Carnival – How to Get More Families and Community Members to Come

Imagine spending all your energy planning your carnival and delegating tasks to get every activity flowing smoothly only to deal with empty booths and unsold merchandise. That’s a horrible scenario that you won’t have to deal with if you follow these next tips…

How to Create Publicity for Your School Carnival – Three Tips

1. Promotional materials

You’ve seen how the big businesses create beautiful flyers that ultimately end up in someone’s trash bin? Here’s a good way to make sure yours don’t turn into someone else’s trash: turn your flyer into an invitation that will contain a random number for a door prize drawing or a coupon for a free lemonade. The best part of this strategy is you can create the materials yourself as long as you have a printer at home that’s loaded with colored ink. Get a few carnival graphics from royalty free photo sources for 1 dollar each and use them on your promo materials.

You can strike up a partnership with your local ice cream stand, and they can give away your promo brochures to parents and kids who buy from them. In exchange you can promote them or mention their business in one of the shows in the carnival. How about having a coupon for this business on your flyer in addition to your promo coupon as mentioned above? Remember, a little cross promotion goes a long way; particularly if you can get a popular family hotspot to promote you a few weeks before your carnival.

2. Get interviewed by your local press or join a radio show

Media hype will send you tons of prospects. If you have a local paper, you can approach the editor and arrange to be interviewed. Plan ahead and prepare an advertising budget for this. Investigate the cost and potential return on investment so you can get the other members of your parent teacher organization to agree.

3. Social Networking Online

With everyone and their moms joining Facebook and Twitter, you simply cannot ignore these places. Create a group on Facebook and invite your friends to join or be a fan. You can also create a separate account for your carnival and post photos of your previous events to encourage families to attend. Choose the photos that show families and kids enjoying the rides, the games and the other attractions in your carnival.

These techniques will create anticipation in your prospective visitors. With any luck, once you get the ball rolling with these tips, you can stop spending on promotion and simply rely on word of mouth to create excitement. A final reminder: with any marketing tool or tactic, you must never forget to put in the date and place of your carnival so your invites will not go to waste.  

Building Blocks of Business Development

Everyone has dreamt of becoming his/ her own boss. And the way to do this is by putting up a business. However, only a few people have realized their plans and much fewer succeed at it. People say that businessmen, aside from having the money to start their own business, have a certain skill which few people are blessed with. They are risk-takers. Business development in some way is like gambling. An entrepreneur invests money, time and effort into a venture that has a fifty-fifty success to failure ratio. This is the very reason why a lot of dreamers do not pursue their business ambitions. Successful businessmen have mastered and formulated their own recipe for success but it all boils down to careful planning. Because they may be risk-takers but they are also careful planners.

There is no definite formula in business development. There are different strategies that can be formulated depending on the nature and size of the business itself. But there are factors that should not be left out and it applies to all.

  1. Recognize the opportunity. Assess the market. Identify what is out there and what is not offered yet. In determining the business venture to tap into, the status and the demand of the market need to be considered and its potential evaluated. A reason for putting up a business is not only because there is something to offer but there should also be a market to offer it to.
  2. Customers come first. The business should revolve around the customer. After all, they are the ones who will keep the business alive. It is important to get to know the target market, to identify not only their needs and wants but what they potentially need or want which they do not know yet. But the population is enormous so it is also necessary to identify the most profitable customers. Hence, the primary target has to be separated from the secondary market. However, demographics should not be the only focus. There should also be a behavioural and lifestyle analysis of the customers.
  3. How to reach them. By knowing the customer, target points will then be determined. Where are these customers likely to be found or how to get to them? This involves the different media that the target utilizes in a day-to-day basis such as TV, Radio, Print, billboard, point of sale, Internet, etc.
  4. How to sell. Once the target’s whereabouts is identified, the next step is to use sweet spots to get them to buy. What can attract their attention and what can convince them. Do they respond to sales promotion or do they rely on word of mouth, etc.
  5. Generate repeat business. Satisfy the customers and exceed their expectations not only to keep them under the radar but also to generate good publicity.

Nothing is a hundred percent sure but business development should also not be a hit and miss. It’s risky but careful planning and perseverance will increase the likeliness to succeed.

Increase Blog Traffic with Carnivals

There are many ways to drive traffic to a blog and blog carnivals are one of them. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a blog carnival. I’m not sure why it’s called a carnival but roughly each week a blog owner will host the carnival and other blog owners submit posts from their blogs for consideration. There is a deadline for submissions which is usually a day or two before the blog carnival.

After the deadline passes, the blog carnival host will read all the submission and choose the best posts. Then he or she will make a post on his or her blog with links to those posts. Each blog carnival host is different some may select the top ten and provide a reason for their selections. Others will just post links to the top articles in his or her opinion.

Lots of bloggers follow the blog carnivals around the blogosphere from week to week so they generate traffic and blog carnival visitors will have the opportunity to visit your blog by clicking on the link to your post in the blog carnival. Blog carnivals are generally topical so you’ll need to find a blog carnival on a topic related to your blog but that should not be difficult. And if you’d like, some blog carnivals will allow you to host the blog carnival on your own blog.

A good idea for finding blog carnivals is to simply perform a search on the term “blog carnival” in Google or Yahoo. There’s is also a popular site called which lists hundreds of blog carnivals on many topics. You’ll probably find one suited to your blog. Submitting the post for consideration only takes a minute or two. All you do is paste the permalink to a recent post in your blog into a form and add your name and email address. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to take it a step further, you can do a more specific search. For example search for “success blog carnivals” if you blog is about success. You might find a few new blogs to add to your reading list in addition to finding a blog carnival that will drive traffic to your blog. There’s no time like the present to get started. It only takes a moment to find a blog carnival and submit a post for the upcoming carnival. You may be surprised at how easy it is…and by how much traffic you get.