Increase Blog Traffic with Carnivals

There are many ways to drive traffic to a blog and blog carnivals are one of them. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a blog carnival. I’m not sure why it’s called a carnival but roughly each week a blog owner will host the carnival and other blog owners submit posts from their blogs for consideration. There is a deadline for submissions which is usually a day or two before the blog carnival.

After the deadline passes, the blog carnival host will read all the submission and choose the best posts. Then he or she will make a post on his or her blog with links to those posts. Each blog carnival host is different some may select the top ten and provide a reason for their selections. Others will just post links to the top articles in his or her opinion.

Lots of bloggers follow the blog carnivals around the blogosphere from week to week so they generate traffic and blog carnival visitors will have the opportunity to visit your blog by clicking on the link to your post in the blog carnival. Blog carnivals are generally topical so you’ll need to find a blog carnival on a topic related to your blog but that should not be difficult. And if you’d like, some blog carnivals will allow you to host the blog carnival on your own blog.

A good idea for finding blog carnivals is to simply perform a search on the term “blog carnival” in Google or Yahoo. There’s is also a popular site called which lists hundreds of blog carnivals on many topics. You’ll probably find one suited to your blog. Submitting the post for consideration only takes a minute or two. All you do is paste the permalink to a recent post in your blog into a form and add your name and email address. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to take it a step further, you can do a more specific search. For example search for “success blog carnivals” if you blog is about success. You might find a few new blogs to add to your reading list in addition to finding a blog carnival that will drive traffic to your blog. There’s no time like the present to get started. It only takes a moment to find a blog carnival and submit a post for the upcoming carnival. You may be surprised at how easy it is…and by how much traffic you get.

Carnival Glass Bowls Costliest Items In It’s Category

Carnival glass bowls form part of the large carnival glass collectible items. These are produced by pressing the glass and coating it with an iridescent coating which gives it shiny look. This process is known as doping, hence this glass is also sometimes referred to as dope glass. This process was first adopted in the early 1900s and it lasted only till the mid to late thirties, and today is extinct.

The company Fenton was the first and largest, widely recognized carnival glass producer. Fenton initially began life as a company which decorated blank glass produced by other companies. In 1907 it started creating carnival glass. When production started, Fenton glassware was marketed as “Iridill” or “iridescent ware”. This was an instant hit and several other companies began producing and marketing their own carnival glass bowls.

In the late twenties, demand for their products began to wane. This was due to the decrease in sales during the Depression, and also in part to the saturation of the market by glass companies. To get rid of stock, companies began selling their wares at deeply discounted prices to carnivals, which the carnivals then used as prizes for their games. Several companies went out of business during this period.

Known as “carnival glass” by glass collectors, the popularity of carnival glass bowls surged in the 1950s. Originally used as carnival prizes, today reproductions are made by several companies. Fenton glass in particular is a prized collectible and the most frequently manufactured.

At present, auctions, antique shops, and online stores are the best places where one could get carnival glass at various prices. Fenton antique glass as well as other well-known carnival glass fetches high prices. Popular colors of these glasses are marigold, as well as dark hues like blue and green. However, carnival glass bowls in red or pastel color are the costliest item of this category. On a popular auction website, one rare ice-blue plate sold for $16,327.55!

For the newbie collectors, there are a lot of resources with plenty of information. A lot of web sites and books are out there for information on the many sizes and shapes these antiques are available.

You’ll Surely Love Carnival Cruise Deals

I wouldn’t blame you if you think a middle class family has no business going on a family cruise vacation. However, it can be a very rewarding experience for the whole family because it will bond them stronger, having experiences shared by all. Good news is, you have many Carnival Cruise deals to choose from that are so affordable. Being the first company to offer very affordable packages they have been the choice of those people who wants a memorable vacation experience. Because of that their fleet earned the title of The Fun Ships.

Aside from being affordable, another reason why Carnival Cruises are popular is because of the exciting destinations that you will set sail for. You can set sail for Glacier Bay, Alaska, which has a southbound and northbound ships sailing there. Many vacation goers choose this Carnival Cruise deal because Alaska is still a frontier area for many, with its unspoiled landscape, like Glacier Bay, a protected national park that has many active glaciers. On the ship’s deck, you can go out and watch whales in their natural habitat. A 7-day Glacier Bay Alaska Cruise can be booked for as low as $549 per person but be more resourceful and for sure, you can find even lower Carnival Cruise deals.

As a family, decide where you all want to go, and then pick which Carnival Cruise deals you want to book. It wouldn’t be such a hard choice because the cruise’s destinations are all exciting, adventurous, and surely memorable. No matter where you may go to, always remember to sign up for on shore destinations which the whole family should experience together. For a really superb bonding experience, the whole family should take part in the ship’s many on shore destinations.

You can book for any Carnival Cruise deals through websites in the internet and through travel agencies in your area. No matter what time of the year it is, there are deals available every time. Prices do change often, depending on a number of factors. It will cost you a bit more if you choose to go on a destination, say to the Caribbean, when it’s peak season there. You can get lower packages if you book them in advance, or when you book them at the last minute, usually within a week of sailing date. Be resourceful in looking for cheaper deals.

If you and your family will go on a vacation, try going on a cruise. Since Carnival Cruise deals cost so much less, this is the ideal vacation for the entire family. The money you spent is guaranteed to be worth it because this is one family vacation that everyone will enjoy. Carnival Cruise deals are the right choices for all types of people looking to have a great vacation. May it be all the way up in Alaska, Canada, or in the Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, and next year, to the Mediterranean, you wouldn’t have a shortage of places to choose from.